/ Digital Collage

Client — Personal Work

Home(s) is about going home or finding it.
Third Culture Kids often view home as a concept that extends beyond the buildings they’ve grown up in due to their mobile childhood. However, many of them long for the impossible opportunity of assembling together a home where all cultures lived-in are present physically in one place.

The process involved collecting various images of doors from around the world and meshing them together to create a “cultural realm”. The layering of images represent multiple cultural transitions and together portray a multi-layered home.

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— 1 Culturally Confused Objects 
— 2 Home(s) 
— 3 Airplane Windows 
—  4 Zine 

About the project
This project explores different methods of interpreting the Third Culture Kid experience, through appropriated image making mediums. It visualizes cultural identity as a fluid and uprooted entity as opposed to one that is fixed or embedded. It also presents ways in which TCKs define themselves through their struggles to conform within a cultural catergory or nationality.