K+ Colorplan 

I was invited as one out of six artists to create a piece for Colorplan's launch in South East Asia.  


It’s the aftermath of a cry sesh, where you find a way to piece yourself back together after tearing yourself down. In that moment you leave the washroom and catch a final glance of what you’ve overcome and what you’ve achieved - a mental band aid that sings “you’re pretty, you’re pretty, you’re pretty. like wallpaper."


Curation — Do.Not.Design 
Photo taken by — Do.Not.Design 
Venue  — K+ 

About the show
To celebrate the launch of Colorplan in Southeast Asia, K+ and RJ Paper present 6 creatives, selected with the help of curator Yanda (Do Not Design). Playing with colour, texture and form, they have produced art installations that push the boundaries of what paper can do.

The exhibition will also feature a range of 50 notebooks produced exclusively and designed by 50 local and international designers.