Branding and concept for Workshop by McNally & co.

WORKSHOP by McNally & Co.
WORKSHOP by McNally & Co. is a cross-disciplinary exhibition and project that explores potential models for department stores. It investigates how advertising, display and events can be used to engage consumers in the concepts and processes behind retail products. The project also explores how consumption is fuelled by consumers’ desires to own, and identify with, unique products and ideas.

I was one third of the branding team that worked on the logo, illustrations and marketing collaterals for the shop. The art direction came from another team of designers who decided on the theme of "Concrete Jungle". 

— Jessie Lam 
— Rina Teo

Art Direction
— LASALLE College of the Arts 

Full List of Collaterals:
Event Posters
Event Guide Handout Poster
Wrapping Paper
Tote Bags
Product Tags & Labels
Product Bags & Stickers
Sticker Decals

Screen Shot 2017-06-13 at 4.46.29 pmScreen Shot 2017-06-13 at 4.46.29 pm

THE LOGO — The structure of the Logo is inspired by the architecture of the college. The extended tab resembles a shop sign and/or a garment label.